70ml / 2.36oz ZERO WASTE 100% biodegradable, recyclable and compostable paperboard push-up stick lined with vegetable wax and paper label.

* Might melt in transit during summer months. Add ICE COLD for insulated shipping on dry ice to garantie safe arrival.

Thigh Savior | Organic + Vegan Anti-Chafing Stick |

  • Organic + Vegan Thigh Savior - Anti-Chafing Stick -


    We don't talk enough about thigh chafing. In fact, we rarely talk at all about thigh chafing. In the hottest months of the year, shorts, skirts, dresses, and swimsuits fail to protect our thighs from their worst enemies: themselves. And as an unfortunate result, sweat and friction lead to swelling and irritation on a whole new level. 
    My THIGH SAVIOR does just that, it saves your thighs from themselves! It creates a friction-free barrier that prevents chafing and soothes, cools and heals already irritated skin.