Pure Shea

  • Organic + Vegan Pure Shea Facial / Body / Shampoo / Shaving Soap


    Strong Hydrating & Hypoallergenic


    Our Pure Shea solid facial & body cleanser bar contains 65% of pure organic raw Shea butter. It is a unique formulation because of its high Shea butter concentration and low water content which ensures that the natural Shea properties are preserved. Raw organic Shea Butter has very strong skin healing and repairing properties due to its natural high amount of vitamins A,E and F.
    Pure Olive is naturally hypoallergenic, which means that it has little likelihood of causing an allergic reaction. Olive oil is very similar to your natural skin oils, so your skin responds well to olive oil.

    Our cleanser helps to add moisture to your skin and gently cleanses your skin without stripping any of the essential natural oils.