* Might melt in transit during summer months. Add ICE COLD for insulated shipping on dry ice to garantie safe arrival.


Natural Beauty - all over -

  • Organic + Vegan Natural Beauty All Over Cream to Serum Moisturizer

    - Self Preserving -


    Anti-Aging, Anti-Acne & Hypoallergenic

    Multi purpose fast working cream to serum moisturizer. You can use it as a Day / Night Cream or a full Body Moisturizer!

    Perfect for those cold winter month when your skin craves the extra moisture or for infants or your hands or or or. The possibilities are endless.

    Shea has incredible strong anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and skin toning abilities which makes it a perfect day / night moisturizer for virtually all skin types and skin concerns like aging, excema, psoriasis and acne.