1.58oz / 45gr in Zero Waste biodegradable, recyclable and compostable resealable rice paper bag lined with vegetable wax.

Blue Moon Bath Brew + 150mg Full-Spectrum CBD

  • Organic + Vegan Blue Moon Herbal Bath Soak infused with 150mg Full-Spectrum CBD + Essential Oils

    - Self Preserving -

    Sink into a state of relaxation with my CBD infused bath brew. Watch your water turn magicaly blue just by the power of flower petals!

    A tranquil blend of raw rose petals, calendula, jasmine, cornflower, butterfly pea flowers infuse your tub with soothing, herbal goodness.

    Brew a bedtime bath and let the day slip away with this dreamy blend of floral botanicals.

    Good for 4-5 baths.