Because Less Is More

 No fillers, no fuss, no weird ingredients, no chemicals!
Organic, vegan, simple and proven to be effective ingredients, this is what we are all about.


Yes, we make it! By hand! Every single item, our-self and from scratch. From formulating every product, to manufacturing it. It's all done with great love and care. Right here in Florida. With us there is no mystery factory somewhere on the other side of the planet.


We buy as many ingredients as possible local, to support local businesses and to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. By using our products you support not only us but as well many small farms, many families who believe in the same things we do.


Everything we do, we do with great love and care, for our products, our customers, our planet! All our packaging is made out reusable, recyclable materials. No fancy boxes, no shiny labels. Our packaging is practical and many of our containers can be re-used by our customers for years to come.


Products formulated with as little ingredients as possible. But with as much ingredients as necessary to create awesome products to deliver incredible results.

M A K E 


S I M P L E,


S I G N I F I C A N T.


Is the driving force behind everything we do. Our deep love for our planet and everything that exists.

And we believe you can feel this in all of our creations.

To my Skincare Community, 



As we all continue to monitor the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation very closely, I wanted to reach out and share the actions we're taking to keep our store and our production facility safe and clean for you, my ambassadors, and the community at large. We're following guidance from public health officials and government agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, so we can make ongoing assessments and stay in constant communication with my ambassadors to provide information and guidance as developments unfold. The cleanliness of my soap production & shipping facility is always a top priority for me, and now more than ever. 


Additional to our regular cleaning procedures, increased sanitization measures are being added. 


These enhanced safety measures include:

- Regularly disinfecting all high-touch areas, including workstations.

- Cleaning all equipment, tools and storage container with disinfectant multiple times per day.

- Increasing weekly deep cleanings my production & shipping facility.



Due to all the increased safety measures we are experiencing delays since those measures take a lot of time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to you and ask for your patience. 

We're prepared to navigate theses challenging circumstances with everyone's safety in mind.


Thank you for being a loyal customer of mine! It means a lot to my small business and to me!



Hella Weichardt

Founder and Owner